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About Us

A perfect destination for weary city dwellers to relax, rejuvenate, and rediscover their selves. You wake up to still blue waters and fresh air all around.

       "Cabana Coral Reef" is a unit of J's Heritage Hotels and Resorts and is the latest edition to the family. Our other properties are "Hotel J's Heritage", "Park View Residency" and "The Pear County"  at Kodaikanal.


       The J's Heritage group of Hotels and Resorts was founded in 1993 by Mr. Sudhakar Jayaraj, the grandson of Mr. S.G.Jayaraj Nadar. The company was also named after Mr. S.G.Jayaraj Nadar, who was a man with a vision. He was a leading businessman, trader, transporter, hotelier, farmer and educationist. He founded the S.G.Jayaraj family business that spread  all over Tamilnadu and was the first private transport operator to Kodaikanal.

Cabana Coral Reef is located on a lovely beach and coral reef in the Gulf of Mannar, at Mandapam, a fishing hamlet located between Ramnad and Rameshwaram. A small walk from the property would take you to the famous Pamban Bridge that connects Rameshwaram to the Indian Peninsula.

       Our eco-friendly property has been built completely by recycling and reusing is whatever way possible and hence we have built our cabanas (a hut, cabin, or shelter at a beach) by refurbishing used cargo containers and our shower beach shower room with mineral water and beer bottles.  

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